Music house "Balkanton" Ltd
Balkanton is the oldest producer of music cassettes and compact disks in Bulgaria. Founded in 1952 it was the only one in Bulgaria till 1990. Presently its ownership is changed in limited company, which owned by the Bulgarian goverment.
Years in a row Balkanton has produced and recorded Bulgarian music in directions "└uthors" and "Singers". It could be hard to find a world's popular classic or modern composers who has not been recorded by Balkanton.The Balkanton's archive includes all the names of famous Bulgarian musicians - composers and singers in all the genres and styles. More than 200 of the Balkanton's music titles are included in the world famous music management companies - Emi, Harmonia Mundi, Dekka, Deutsche Gramophon, etc. Its records have been rewarded with:
- The big prize "╠ţntreu"72" for recording of the opera "Hovanshtina" from Modest Mousorgski
- The prize of the French Academy "Charles Cross"
- The prize of the Belgian radio and television
- A golden medal of the IV-th bienale in Valladolid, Spain.
- The special reward "International Golden Star" - for a special contribution to the world business, high quality and professionalism - Madrid, Spain 1990.
- Many Balkanton's titles have been reconsidered by the annual music shows in UK, France, USA, Italy, Spain, etc.
("Balkanton" Ltd has granted bulbiz.com a permission to promote its products and this material, Tania Aleksieva - PR.)

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