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We are happy to introduce the Bulgarian-Canadian Society of BC from  the beautiful city of Vancouver.

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The Bulgarian community in Vancouver and the region is relatively young and small. The possible reason for that is the fact the city is located at almost twice distance from Bulgaria than the Eastern part of Canada. According to some reports the Bulgarians here are around 700, others put the number at about 5000, but we suppose they are between 2000 and 3000 persons.

From long time now the Bulgarians here are used to get together on different occasions. Several years ago a Bulgarian school was established. In the summer of last year some 120 enthusiasts gathered together and laid the basics of a Bulgarian-Canadian Association in British Columbia aiming to preserve and distribute the Bulgarian language, culture and arts, our traditions and national identity. The final target of the Association is to establish Bulgarian Cultural Center and Bulgarian church.

Constitutive Council was elected to register the new society and to constitute its organization and forming. More than a year passed since. The ruling body accomplished enormous work. Along with the process of registration and composing the Statute, the rest current affairs are also being worked on.

On the first place is the popularization of the activities of the Bulgarian school. Everyone who supports the idea participates enthusiastically in its activity and that makes it more interesting and attractive for more children.

People work on a special program for improving the spoken and written Bulgarian language, the history, geography, ethnography and general culture. The many different activities, the guest lecturers and the variety of themes help maintaining the Bulgarian spirit among the children visiting the school.

The Bulgarian Community has also participated actively in the promotion of the newly formed Bulgarian football team under the name of Bulgarian Lions, figuring in the prestigious Vancouver Metro Soccer League. The best player of the team is the marvelous Bulgarian audience. No other team of the League enjoys such wonderful a support.

A Web site was constructed which the hundreds of visitors find extremely useful and interesting. It's not only electronic newspaper giving information on past and future events, but also a source of very useful information in all aspects of life. The address of this site is as follows:

The ruling body of the Community initiates and organizes fests, celebrations and gatherings on different occasions as Halloween, The New Year's Eve, March 3rd, May 24th, concerts of Bulgarian pop performers, picnics, etc.

I'm much grateful to all, who with their freewill work contributed for the development and realization of the Bulgarian idea!

Violeta Decheva
The Bulgarian-Canadian Society of BC

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