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Zhana Nedelcheva

Ritta Koleva

Mariola Konova

Milen Milenski

George Draganov

Ilia Goshev

Violeta Detchev

Peter Mitchev

Zhana Nedelcheva - Artist & Clay Sculpture

·One of a kind Custom Architectural Ceramics: (tiles, murals, mosaics, fireplace mantles, surrounds, garden sculpture)
·Clay Sculpture, Wall Ceramics

Organic art designed to fit exactly in the interior

Натиснете тук за да видите снимките в голям размер..

Ritta K. - Costume & Fishion Design

Click here to see more about her work with Interior Design.

Mariola Konova

I am a mixed media visual artist who lives and works in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. .........The roots of each + individual existence fascinates me ........(more)

George Draganov

The objective at Draganov is to produce one of a kind fine pieces of jewellery.Gold and platinium are the prime metals used ,along with diamonds,precious and semi precious gemstones..(more)

Milen Milenski

Milenski Art - the multi-talented works of Toronto artist Milen Milenski .......(more)

Ilia Goshev

We would like to briefly acquaint you with our mission and the nature of our team.
As a unique multi-talented husband & wife team, we create illustrations, graphic design, CD-ROM, web design, Flash animation, GIF animation and interactive presentations on the web.....(more)

Violeta Detchev - Vancouver Neon Art

Vancouver Neon Art
is a company producing Neon Art Products resided in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Company was established in 1989. Now we have a crew of very skillful, highly qualified and talented people who create our unique art designs from both real and imaginary worlds. By using the outstanding
possibilities of neon we incorporate light, shapes, and color from nature into beautiful work of art. The neon will bring you more snugness, warmth, smartness and elegance. We decorate homes with exquisite Neon Art:stairs, fireplaces, furniture, bars, rooms, public places, restaurants, private offices and more. We also do neon signs and exterior fixtures. European Neon Artists and Specialists can create a special design for you and your company.
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The top 10 Canadian paintings sold at auction are:

Landscape painting sold for $ 825,000: Franklin Carmichael's "Frood Lake",painted in 1939, was hummered down for
$ 825, 000 . ...(more)

$ 4,6 million: Paul Kane, Scene in the Northwest - Portrait, sold Feb. 25, 2002.... ...(more)

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