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Our mission is to facilitate the full integration of the Chicago-based Bulgarian minority in American society. In that respect goal is to support and promote the economic, social, cultural and intellectual interests of the Bulgarian minority in the greater Chicago area.

Who Are We

The Bulgarian-American Association was founded by a group of volunteers in January 2002.

Our organization currently consists of people from all walks of life such as physicians, attorneys, engineers, financial consultants and artists, to name a few.


● The Bulgarian-American Association (BAA) provides the members of the Bulgarian minority with information about our experts in the areas of law, financial services, medicine, employment, and communications.

● BAA creates and maintains a dialogue between the Bulgarian immigrants in the Chicago area and the administration of the State of Illinois as well as between the Bulgarian minority and the Bulgarian Government.

● The Association facilitates business contacts between members of the Bulgarian minority.

● BAA plans to create a Bulgarian Informational Center where members of the general Chicago public may obtain in-depth information about Bulgaria, its people and culture.

● Our ultimate goal is to become a functional, multipurpose entity that promotes not only the various interests of the Bulgarian minority in Chicago, but also increases the business, social and cultural cooperation between the United States of America and the Republic of Bulgaria and their citizens.

Contact Information

Bulgarian-American Association

c/o Tzvetelina T. Boynovska

Law office of Tzvetelina Boynovska,

505 N. La Salle Street, Suite 375

Chicago, IL 60610

E-mail: Bulgarian_American@hotmail.com