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Ilia Goshev & Tzveta Hristova
We would like to briefly acquaint you with our mission and the nature of our team.
As a unique multi-talented husband & wife team, we create illustrations, graphic design, CD-ROM, web design, Flash animation, GIF animation and interactive presentations on the web.
People love our art and just "have to have it". We pride ourselves on our scope as artists, being capable of producing everything from a simple cartoon character to an intricate CD-ROM storybook
What makes us especially unique in this highly competitive field is our extensive and rigorousclassical education.
Th classical training we have received dates back to a four-year program at a specialized classical arts high school and culminated in our graduation from a six-year elite classical arts academy with a Master’s Degree in Illustration and Design. (Sofia, Bulgaria) The value of this extensive classical training is further enhanced by our constant and eager preoccupation with the latest technological advances in the new media field.
Our projects vary from pure black &white illustration to multimedia segments for feature films. We are anxious to further extend our scope and hope that new and exciting projects will be put before us as a challenge and inspiration.

Ilia Goshev , co-founder - illustrator / multimedia artist
Tzveta Hristova, co-founder - illustrator / multimedia artist

Major clients: Sesame Street Parents, Splash, The Toronto Star, Ranscom, Bios Group - Santa Fe, Prowess Software, Jack Daniels; Today's Parent, Memorial Gardens, HealthWatch Magazine, Metrick System,

Expert knowledge of: Flash 5, Macromedia Director, Adobe After Effects 5, Adobe GoLive 5, Macromedia DreamWeaver, Illustrator 9, PhotoShop 6, Adobe ImageReady, Quark Xpress, Macromedia SoundEdit 16, Fontographer.

For more information ,please visit our web site at:

E - mail:
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