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Oil on canvas 22 x 27 "

Milen Milenski


    Milenski Art - the multi-talented works of Toronto artist Milen Milenski. Surrealism - Oil painting, Murals - Trompe L'oeil, Faux finishes. Fine Art.

Mural Acrylic

Tel:(416) 560-6860
 Milenski Art - is a company specialise in contemporary art as Nightclub Design and Interior, Decorative Painting, Landscaping.
Some of the walls around the dance floor interweaving the historical moments and the cutting-edge contemporaneity.

Like an artist, Milen Milenski worships the women in her beauty. The composition of live and eternal women makes from this mural an unforgettable piece of art.

The top 10 Canadian paintings sold at auction are:

Landscape painting sold for $ 825,000: Franklin Carmichael's "Frood Lake",painted in 1939, was hummered down for
$ 825, 000 . ...(more)

$ 4,6 million: Paul Kane, Scene in the Northwest - Portrait, sold Feb. 25, 2002.... ...(more)

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