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Mariola Konova

    Mariola Konova graduated the Art Academy of Sofia in 1979 with a specialty in state design. She works as a designer of costumes, masks, props,and drops for theatre, television and film.

For 12 years she, works as a stage designer at the "Boian Danovski" Dramatic Theatre in Pernik, and at several other theaters in Sofia, Pazardjik,Kazanluk and other parts of Bulgaria.
Over 70 projects for theatre, television and fashion festivals have been completed under her supervision. She has participated in various national, international, independent, and collective exhibits. Some of Marola's paintings and fashion designs are in private collections in Poland, the Czech republic, Germany, Austria, USA and Canada.

Mariola is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists in Sofia. Since 1989 she lives and works as a freelance artist in Toronto, Canada. In 1996 she founded her own design company "MARGEN" which deals with applied arts. She exhibits her works at art galleries and also executes private projects for clients. Her most recent participation was in the exhibit "Scattered Seeds" which was shown in 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Тел:(905) 278-9049

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